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Anedra and Randolph

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Our Story

Anedra and Randy met at Anedra’s place of employment. Randy was volunteering for an event taking place there. However, there was no conversation between the two; just brief pleasantries and then Randy along with the other volunteers were told what was needed of them. A few months later, Randy was at Anedra’s job attending another event. This time, he approached Anedra and asked if she had remembered him from volunteering a few months prior. Of course, Anedra remembered him. They spoke briefly and Randy invited her to an event his fraternity was having. Anedra agreed to attend and from there, a mere friendship developed.

Anedra and Randy have a foundation that was built on friendship which unbeknownst to both of them, would lead to a loving relationship later. The two enjoy traveling, sharing laughs, attending football games (Randy is a diehard New Orleans Saints fan), cooking (well, Randy also known as “Chef Roc” enjoys cooking-Anedra enjoys tasting), and simply enjoy each other’s company. Randy proposed to Anedra on Christmas Eve surrounded by family and friends.

Together, they are looking forward to celebrating with you.